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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 20, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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started to move in. 36 at reagan national. humidity is 76%. winds are -- not much of anything. out of the north at 0 miles per hour and our pressure is up. looking atatellite radar, we're done with a very light sprinkle, even had a couple of snowflakes out there this morning. and now what we're dealing with is cloud cover and cooler temperatures as well. the cooler air started to move in and that will set the stage store what will likely become a winter event into the overnight hours thursday night and friday morning. more details on that coming up. but for today, no problems. a little cooler than yesterday with highs again in the middle 40s so that's about 15 degrees cooler believe it or not than yesterday. 46 the expected high in washington. 47 in lusby and 42 in hagerstown. and cooler than yesterday and we'll talk about the details of the possibility of winter weather in here late thursday and friday coming up. back to you. tony. we continue to follow two big developing stories this
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morning. the shooting and deaths of eight people in virginia, the shooter in that case turns himself in this morning. we have the details in a live report. and a nowerful aftershock hits the already devastated nation of haiti. this one a 6.1 magnitude earthquake into but we start with the slaying of the eight people in appomattox, virginia. just a few hours ago the suspect turned himself in after hiding in the woods all night. >> police believe he is the man responsible for the deaths of eight people found in a rural virginia home yesterday. fox's molly henenberg is live in appomattox this morning with the latest. molly. >> reporter: hi, tony, hi, allison. there is a sense of relief among the community that this manhunt is over without further loss of life or anybody. 39-year-old christopher speight is in custody. here is part of the announcement from police this morning. >> this morning at
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approximately 7:10 a.m. christopher b. speight was taken into custody without incident. >> reporter: police sahe is their sole suspect in the murder of eight people yesterday. they also say he shot at and damaged a virginia state police helicopter tracking him. hundreds of law enforcement agents were looking for him since midday yestday and he turned himself in this morning and police say he's being interviewed right now. now the focus turned to identifying the bodies. police say speight was acquainted with them. they're also focus on the motive, why did this tragedy happen. those are questions that will be answered in coming hours and days. and the schools here in appomattox are closed because of the manhunt and will remain closed for the rest of the day. tony and allison. >> molly, thank you very much for that report. over to roanoke now. it turns out a 2-year-old once
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believed kidnapped was killed. aveion lewis went missed last week. his stepfather brandon locket told police three men knocked him unconscious and took the boy and remanded ransom. locket is in custody and police are not saying how the young boy died. to haiti now where about 3 hours ago a new 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit the already devastated nation. meanwhile 72,000 bodies have been recovered from last week's earthquake. authorities says that about a third of the estimated final toll. this morning robert gates announced he is sending additional ships to clear away debris at the main port so that crucial food deliveries and other relief can makes it way to survivors in the ardest hit areas. and the navy hospital ship base the out of baltimore is approaching the shore of haiti. the usns comfort should arrive to port-au-prince by mid morning today but the hospital
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ship is already receiving it's first patients. two victims were flown in by helicopter as the ship continued to steam ahead. tony. our next guess knows firsthand what it's like to respond to a major natural disaster and some of the challenges responders face during relief efforts. lieutenant cornell charles color from the army national guard assisted with efforts after hurricane katrina hit new orleans. good to see you. thank you for coming in. we should make it clear, you have not been to haiti since the earthquake last week. >> that is correct. >> but you are familiar with what it's like on the ground as people are moving into the region for recovery and he is -- rescue efforts. tell us about the obstacles you face when you hit the ground. >> when you get to the airport there will be a large number of planes lined up trying to provide relief and they have to quickly unload the planes, get them off the tarmac and get them up in the air so they can
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unload other planes. and then they have a large number of supplies that will be there at the airport that have to be distributed throughout the area and it's a large logistic task to do that. >> and logistically it can be under any circumstances, obviously in hurricane katrina it was difficult, and then in this instance it was difficult because of the amount of damage done by the earthquake, correct? >> that's absolutely correct. and when you bring in that number of troops you have to support them as well. so you have to have a lodgistics tail to support those who are assisting. so it's a large undertaking. >> how do you prepare for the devastation, for what you're going to see there, which could be emotional difficult to deal with. how do volunteers prepare for something like that? >> you can never fully prepare but the best thing you can do is try to understand that what people are going through and
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you're doing your part to help them and that always eases what you are seeing and the devastation knowing you are contributing. and we take our chaplins along with us. when we deploy a military unit we bring our chaplins that help us provide the emotional spiritual effort so they can have the support they need when they're doing the recovery efforts. >> our understanding is the haitian government is virtually nonexistent right now. there is some -- some of it is coming back online so to speak but i imagine that will hamper efforts as well because you have a lock of a government structure functioning very well right now. >> well it is -- the immediate needs of the people have to be taken care of. in orange -- in other words, the police officers and firefighters are taking care ever their immediate families. so any way we can help or augment that is what is needed. >> and the maryland army national guard, have you been called in at this point and what are your expectations? >> no, we have not been called.
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but this is going to be a aa -- a marathon so the will be missions from the army guard and the maryland defense force which is a group of volunteers that are civilians that can augment our forces. >> what would first responders might have learned from the katrina example that will help them here? >> well they'll realize that there is a lot of things needed such as engineering assets, military police to provide security, you need to macsure that you also coordinate all ever those logistics and keep those going. intr words, once you get food and fuel and water and all of that distributed, it keeps on coming and there is still a need so you have to maintain those efforts. >> can't be there for a week and go. >> right. it will take a long time. >> lieutenant color, thank you. thank you for the work you do. here in the district, meantime city officials and the haitian embassy have set up a
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state-of-the-art commander serving as a one-stop call and commuter center to help people with a variety of needs including those trying to make contact with those in haiti. the 20 computers and phone lines mirror the d.c. command center in southeast. >> this was designed initially as a triage point. it is -- there is a potential for it to grow. we are going to continue to monitor it on a daily basis to assess what the on going needs may be. >> officials say people who want to help should send money rather than goods. and a reminder to tune into fox 5 friday night. george clooney and wyclef jean will host hope for haiti to supply aid to haiti. the two-hour telethon begins at 8:00 here on fox 5. and now to the big political news out of massachusetts that could change the outcome of health care reform. republican scott brown has
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defeated democrat martha coakley with a 52-47% win, brown takes over the seat vacated by ted kennedy and denies the democrats a veto majority in the senate. democrats needed coakley to win for a 60th vote to prevent republican filibuster. it will also be tougher to push through health care reform legislation which has already cleared the senate and the house. >> from the burk shires to boston, from springfield to cape cod, the voters of this commonwealth defied the odds and the experts. >> i am heart broken at the result and i know that you are also, but i know we will get up together tomorrow and continue this fight even with this result. >> both brown and coakley got a call from president obama after the results were in. coakley says the president told her, quote, we can't win them all. and it's hard to believe, but it's been a year since the president's inauguration. up next we'll take a look back at the year to see how he's done and get the opinions of
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those closely following his administration. and the salahis are headed to the hill. there is no party and the invitation came in the form of a subpoena this time. but what will they say? fox 5 morning news will be right back. (announcer) school mornings are busy mornings.
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a consumer alert this morning. you might want to check the crib your baby is sleeping in. there is a recall affecting 20 models of dorel asia cribs. they are sold in kmart, sears and wal-mart and other stores that are being recalled. there have been multiple reports of children being trapped in the drop-down sides. from cribs to cars, chrysler recalling 24,000 vehicles concerned the brakes could fail. it includes 2010 see brings, dodge avengers, nitros and dodge rams and 2010 commanders
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and jeep liberties. chrysler will fix the problem. go to and click on web links for more details on the recalls. later in morning, fbi director robert mueller and others will testify at a senate judiciary commit by about improving anti-terrorism efforts an increasing communication between agencies. homeland security officials will hold hearings on reform and what they've learned since the christmas day attack. the salahis are scheduled to appear at a homeland security security hearing today to examine the secret services role in allowing them to walk into the presidential event in november uninvitedch the couple says they plan to in volk the 5th amendment. coming up, a look back at the first year in the obama administration. and holly is learning about oysters. >> reporter: we are celebrating the oyster this morning as we are live at ache aide anna. i know not everybody likes them
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raw and that's why we're heading into the kitchen with chef. he's already busy back there. he's busy, he says. we can't see what he's doing. he'll teach us how to cook up oysters the way everybody will like it live later. and let's take a look at today's trivia question. at 6'2" bill clinton is tied at the third tallest president ever. one one of these four is shorter. is it abe lincoln, thomas jefferson, lyndon johnson or barack obama? we'll be back in a minute. 
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the first year of the obama administration is now history. so it's time for our report card. now from people who have been watching the obama white house carefully over the past 12 months. we have a panel to talk about
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it. greg cain from the washington examiner. good morning. >> good morning. >> cynthia gordy is a washington correspondence for essence magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> and i sit next to larry king from the board of directors of the national you are bon fellows. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> we want t take a snapshot now specifically with regard to the african-american community. because history was made. the question is now a year in, are the members of the african- american community specifically disillusions, hardened. what do you think is the pulse of the community when it comes to the african-american community? >> well i believe my sense of the african-american community is still very much supportive of barack obama and i think what barack provides is the leadership that this community
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looks towards. and as my program, the national urban fellows, we train the next obamas because we provide the leadership training. and obama provides that for the black community as well as the community at large. >> and it was not and -- and we'll just put it on the record of course everyone had to vote and turn out in this historic election but again because this is a historic proportion looking today at the african- american community and cynthia i'll ask you the same thing, the pulse of the readers that you are hearing from. >> there is a lot of support in the african-american community despite i think in the latter part of 2009 and now there is sort of a media talking point that african-americans are gravely disappointed with the president and his disapproval rating is going up in the black community. but any poll that you look at will show that about 90% of african-americans support the president and polling aside, just in talking with people, the response that i'm getting
9:21 am
is that people understand that he inherited a lot of problems that were in the prior administration and they just want to give him more time to correct all of the things that he has to tackle. but right now people generally feel he's going in the right direction. >> greg, would you agree or disagree with that is assessment of the first year? >> it's correct. with the exception the congressional black caucus. >> we're hearing some very vocal, for lack of another word, leaders or people out in front of the african-american community have been very critical of barack obama. >> yes. a colleague of mine wickham wrote a very critical column of president obama after the caucus asked president obama thahe should target a specific policy toward black unemployment and obama said he won't do that. he's going to tackle unemployment for everybody, not just one particular ethnic group. and wickham wrote a scathing column about that.
9:22 am
so there are a number of black columnists that have very critical. i'm one of them but i never voted for obama. i'm just talking about those who supported him from the start, which i was never one of them. i voted for the libertarian candidate and you see where that got me. >> and i believe that's been a point of contention. his hesitancy to talk about races or one ethnic group, he wants to do policy that's affect all of america. but i feel that perhaps african- american are getting ignored. and maybe looking at a task force creating disparities that african-american would appreciate but we're feeling ignored. >> is this not coming to a socio economic ssue if the president, who happens to be an african-american, were to come all out with these programs, wouldn't he not get then the back lack from other
9:23 am
communities? how does he walk that tight rope? >> but of course barack obama being the first african- american president is getting backlashed any way just because. so sometimes as a leader, you are going to have to take those tough stands. and maybe you have to say that in helping one grop, i'm going to help all. and i think that's what he's saying. however, when we look at the problems in america, the problems in america are not just black problems, they are problems of a lot of people being unemployed, a lot of people having foreclosures, a lot of people losing their life savings in the stock market. so when he says i'm going to help, we have to say, we have to help all. i still think that african- americans still look to barack obama as their leader. and as that, they're going to support him. now you're not going to always agree with your leader.
9:24 am
and in some cases we needs to hear that. hear the things we dent -- we don't agree with and the things we support. but one of the problems that i'm having with everybody that supports him, i remember election night and everybody was in the streets, everybody was parading, screaming and yelling. but when he has difficulties with congress, with the right, i don't see the same people coming out and saying this is the person that we support, here are the things we like about what you are doing. >> well is it too early as a community that did support and you're in on this as well, as a community are we too early to say you haven't reached these goals so are we being too hard or are our expectations too high for any president? and i'll ask you, greg. >> well believe it or not i've
9:25 am
lowered my expectations. barack obama is the first president in years -- i haven't voted for a democrat or republican for president since 1972 and then what i wanted was caused plausible deny ability. if he messed up i want to say i didn't come along. he's the first president that i can say i didn't vote for the guy but maybe i should have voted for him. >> i have a feeling that's support from you. and cynthia, how long do you think that all communities, america, the people who came out and voted for him, the young people, the minorities, people who came out for him, how long are we willing to give this president a chance to make some of the promises right because we're still hurting on wall street, it's turning around but a lot of us don't have jobs and things to the like with this? >> i think what people want to see in the second year is for him to sort of ramp up his
9:26 am
leadership style to be more assertive and author tatetive. i think people want to see that community organizing spirit to push for what he wants and sort of ramp up the agenda if the second year. >> i would agree. >> we have to leave it there. thanks for coming in. maybe one day we'll have a whole hour to talk. we'll just blowout the show. tony, over to you. >> thank you very much, allison. the late night shake-up continues this morning texas looks like there is a deal between conan o'brien and nbc for the comedian to leave. and a web page could provide a clue as to his future. tmz joins us with the details next. and tv legend bill cosby is in town today and he'll tell us why when he joins us live in just about 20 minutes. much more ahead this morning. we're coming right back. - hi. - hi. okay if we look around?
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wicked weather taking it's toll on the west coast. hundreds in southern california were ordered to evacuate ahead of a storm that left streets under water. mudslides were the concern. the high winds were a concern as well and the damage was reported moments after the national weather service warned of a tornado along the coast. officials have not said whether the damage was caused by high winds or a tornado. and in seattle rains caused a mudslide that blocked train tracks. this is the third time since saturday the mud covered the tracks. the mud was 20 feet deep, 40 feet wide and talk down some trees. a residents in southern california are talking about the worst of it. >> we're talking about rain. >> rain and mountain snow and winds in san francisco and los angeles. i'm sure that will continue to be the news. >> the mayor of los angeles is warning about we'll have some
9:31 am
major problems here after this. >> strange weather out there. >> and around here things are very quiet. yesterday beautiful and 60 degrees. there you go. mother nature is back. old man winter has returned. 38 right now at reagan national. >> are they a couple? >> they might be a couple. 34 right now in gaithersburg. 35 for new dulles. you get the idea. cooler temperatures have moved in overnight. we did have a couple of light sprinkles, a couple of snowflakes, a couple of sleet pellets out there during the early-morning hours. they've pushed to the south and east. you might see a left over shower during the morning hours. 40 in frederick -- fredericksberg, excuse me. cooler out there. temperatures only in the middle 40s so yesterday we were in the -- we topped out at 60 degrees. we'll be cooler and we're going to be having to deal with the possibility of winter weather around here thursday night and into friday. there is a live look at your satellite radar. you can he soo the light showers moving through during the early morning hours. out to the west, this is our
9:32 am
mess for thursday night and friday, starting to get better organized. first littleatch will come in later tonight in the form of a warm front. well south and west of the city, down toward charlottesville, if you're watching in that neighborhood, you could see the possibility of a little light rain that could freeze on surfaces. here in washington, we should be just fine. mix of sun and clouds today and tonight we'll cloud up and the main event for us will be thursday night and friday. and right now, the way it looks, it looks like the frontal system that is coming through will serve as the train tracks and we'll watch the area of low pressure ride along that and what will happen is it will start as a period of cold, chilly rain and then slowly transition over into a wintry mix during the morning hours on friday. so it's possible that we could have some school delays and that kind of thing closer to friday morning as temperatures around here are going to be more wintry. we'll have overnight lows near freezing, thursday night and into friday morning. a cool air out there and a mix of clouds and sun. i think more clouds and sun won't be quite as nice as yesterday. early shower south and east of
9:33 am
the city and a mix of sun and clouds mentioned. cooler and still above normal. 46 the afternoon high with winds out of the north at 5-10 miles per hour and a look at your five-day forecast. tomorrow cooler and 38. we'll cloud up. late-day rain turns to the wintry mix and that could turn to sleet and maybe snow. we'll have to define that line there. that rain-snow line. as we get closer to the event. things should quiet down by weekend and maybe some rain by late sunday and into monday. britney murphies mother on rumor control a month after the star's death. they said they are convinced the 32-year-old actress died of natural causes, not drugs or an eating disorder. they say some of the meds found in the couple's home belong to mon jack. doctors expected his wife to live a long life despite havi a heart problem. the official cause of death still has not been determined.
9:34 am
the late-night take up continues to be the buzz in hollywood. there is word there is a deal with conan and nbc to end his contract. tmz's dax joins us. >> good morning. >> apparently the job is locked up. >> coneon on fox got purchased on the web and when you see it it was 20th century fox and then when we put it out there, they pulled it. and we called them and said what does this mean anthey pushed us off and came back later and said we don't know what this is about. we don't know. so it's just kind of interesting. we did know that the twitter account that had conan on fox yesterday was by a fan.
9:35 am
but we don't know who registered this url. >> wishful thinking. >> tell us about nbc and conan. have they reached a deal and how much money are we talking about? >> he's going to get $32 million to leave of the he can't work for the next couple of months until september and then the will be severance packages for his employees. but here is the thing. once he leaves, he can't bash nbc. that's what they're really pushing for in the contract, that he can't talk poorly about nbc and that would be a lot of his good jokes when the next show starts up, look at where i'm at now, my last network pushed me over and they don't want him to do that. >> and the devil is going to be in the details because conan o'brien can come up with 100 imaginative ways to not say nbc but we'll know what he is talking about. >> and nbc is saying if you reference us then we'll charge you some amount of money. and right now they're holding
9:36 am
on to some of his little bits like insult dog, he cannot take them because they were created on nbc. so we'll see what happens. >> playing hard ball. >> thank you dax. be careful out there with the rains in l.a. >> i'll try. >> you can see dax and the whole tmz crew here on fox 5 after the news edge at 6:00. tony, over to you. coming up, we're talking to someone you know very well. bill cosby is talking about his new partnership with a local organization. and maryland's governor is revealing his plans to make up for a $2 billion shortfall. the programs that are hitting the chopping block next. meanwhile, here is another look at today's trivia question. at 6.2, bill clinton is tied at the third tallest president
9:37 am
ever. which one of these four is shorter. is a lincoln, jefferson, or barack obama? we'll be back with more in a second.  ring ring ring ring progresso. hi. we love your weight watchers endorsed soups but my husband looks the way he did 20 years ago. well that's great. you haven't seen him... my other can is ringing. progresso. hey can you tell my wife to relax and enjoy the view? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup. when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. - ( alarm clocks ringing ) - the vegetables do. at green giant, we pick vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're as nutritious as fresh.
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actor, author, comedian, icon bill cosby is in town. just a few moments ago he participated in an event with the stafford foundation. the stafford foundation is a private knob profit foundation committed to helping the underserved. and an announcement was made and we'll find out what that was right now. we're joined with the details by bill cosby himself and the ceo of the stafford foundation, good morning to both of you. can we talk about this national initiative with the stafford foundation before we get to anything else. what did we miss there today? >> well today the stafford foundation brought forth and announced its doing good campaign where we're inspiring individuals from all walks of life regardless of your station
9:41 am
to go out and do a little good. >> and are we talking about mentoring, volunteering? what are the specifics? >> yes. we're talking about anything that will help the community, help those who are in need to help the under served, to go out and do a little g. you don't have to have a lot to do a lot. >> you have certainly pulled out big guns with mr. cosby there to your right. good rning, sir. welcome back to washington. >> welcome. >> tell us, why have you joined this initiative? what is special to you about the stafford foundation? >> mr. stafford and what he did for those people during the inauguration. not just to bring them down, but he also realized that they would like to sort of not feel outdressed by anybody. he put the good stuff on them.
9:42 am
the women had the hair done. i mean people felt good. they had the uniform of the day on. that going back home, where ever, hey just felt very special and good. and i think that that helped tremendously. and so with this foundation and the initiative, it's something that i think we all need in this life, and that is to think and be aware that it doesn't make any difference whether you give 50 cents, 25 cents, or an hour volunteering, if you feel you have something, there are organizations designated, you can go and say to them, i want to give 50 cents or 25 cents or would you talk to me, help me, i may have something that i can do with myself to help someone else. >> and often we put folks in
9:43 am
these communities in boxes of underprivileged, marginalized, god forbid someone would say poor and they're much more than this. and if i'm hearing what you're saying, this foundation is helping people to realize that from the inside out. >> that's exactly right. we're all people. and regardless of our station in life. and what we want to do is to get each other to become each other's brother's keeper. to go out and work through other organizations in your community to do a little good. and so the stafford foundation through its website, we'll help you. >> and is there any coincidence that the obama administration is putting out the call for help as well.
9:44 am
>> and we're just continuing the spirit to do good and try to complement what the white house is leading. >> but it's also something that when you do something for and with someone and give a part of whether it's your money or whether it's you. there is a sense of self that just goes up a little bit. and i'm sure that every person you have spokento, someone has at some point at sometime helped and we want to raise that consciousness and have people move on. i think we'll have a better country then. >> and you spent your life as we know it, talking the talk and walking the walk, so we appreciate you joining us on the show this morning and mr. stafford, good luck with the doing good campaign. we'll be watching. >> thank you very much. >> good day to both of you. >> and you too.
9:45 am
>> thank you. >> what a delight. i saw him in town for the kennedy center honors. he's great. very funny. coming up, raw or cooked? how do you like your oysters. >> holly is up next with everything on oysters. do they say life is like an oyster? >> do they? i don't know. >> we'll be back in a moment. we'll work it out.
9:46 am
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9:48 am
welcome back. a maryland man has been sentenced to five years in prison for stockpiling an arsenal to kill president obama. 20-year-old colin mackenzie goody gave a tearful apology in a greenbelt courtroom. police found chemicals and maps and weapons in his home in bethesda. his bought his son guns because he was training for a career in law enforcement. it's happened again. another prisoner mistakenly set free from the d.c. jail.
9:49 am
tiro williams was being held on a charge of assaulting a police officer. police say williams attacked the police officer after being arrested for stealing at a safeway in northeast last month. the judge ordered her held without bond last week but she was released from custody the same tie. city officials are blaming the mix-up on a court error. fox 5 uncovered six incidents where inmates were released by mistake from december 2006 through july of 2007. a twin man and his sons were released after being treated for carbon monoxide. it happened yesterday morning on seton place in northwest. one of the boys called his counselor saying they were slipping in and out of consciousness. the counselor asked someone to call 911 and the emergency response may have saved their lives. maryland governor martin alley unveiled his plan to make up for a $2 billion budget shortfall calling for a billion dollars in cutbacks, including
9:50 am
cuts to almost all state agencies and aid to localities. plus more employee layoffs, some $900 million would be closed by using bonds for building projects rather than paying now. o'malley is also asking the legislature to slightly increase education spending for k-12 education. >> i'm piloting a ship, it's a very strong ship, and i am going to get this ship to the best of my ability through this storm with as little damage as possible. >> now the republican legislative minority denounced the plan as legislative re- election years. you may be a fan of raw oysters but that doesn't mean you wouldn't like them cooked. >> and this morning holly morris is putting that to the defendant in northwest d.c. good morning. >> reporter: you can have oysters, you can have them raw, or cooked or as an if accessory. this might be my favorite way
9:51 am
to enjoy oysters this morning. we are celebrating all things oysters because there is a big heated debate going on right now with regards to raw oysters, specifically from the gulf coast. the fda wants to have oysters from the gulf coast during the warmer months be processed and cleansed and the people who provide them are opposed to that because afraid it will change the taste and cause an increase in price in terms of serving them. we'll heat things up in the kucher here with chef jeff tucks who is the owner here. which owns acadey anna and passion. >> and if you only have a few restaurants. but year here today and we're talking about oysters because they're a big part. >> we are a lousiana restaurant. gulf coast oysters are a big part of that culture and so we
9:52 am
offer them different ways. we are charbroiled, fried, appetizer and raw on the half shell. >> reporter: and you serve up about 4,000 oysters a week. >> about 4,000 a week. >> reporter: that means there's a lot of people that love them. >> a lot of people that love them. >> reporter: and we want to get your expertise in cook them up. >> we have two dishes to work on today that are nonraw. they were shucked by hollywood and stormin norman. we're going to take some shucks and ripe for the natural juices and here we'll use a real fine corn flour. >> reporter: those are big oysters. >> they are big. good time of the year for these, the colder months. they are good all year round. >> reporter: are gulf coast oysters, what makes them special? is it the size or the flavor? >> it's a combination of everything. the good size, the flavor, the
9:53 am
amount of brinance so they have a good sweet flavor and they fry up nice. >> reporter: what kind of oil are you using? >> 100% nontransfat soy oil. so it's a very clean oil. it doesn't impart a lot of strong flavors. and it's just a great combination with the oysters. >> reporter: do they shrink up when you fry them up? >> not too bad. the light batter with the corn flour protects them and shake the basket around so they don't clump together and they steam. so we normally serve 8-10. that's a good size of new orleans style. we're going to wait a couple of seconds and they'll crisp up and float to the top. >> reporter: as we're waiting for them to fry up, you are having a private event here tonight but you're having a buffet on sunday. >> we are. and we have a museum based in new orleans and i've been a board member and i was nominated for the chairman of the board and we're having a
9:54 am
fundraiser the day after the marti gras ball here at hilton so we're calling it the eye opener brunch so you can open your eyes from the night before. we'll have some bloody maries, ma'am osa and we have a classic new orleans buffet with pudding and everything else. >> reporter: we only have 30 seconds so i want to get to the charbroiled real quickly since we might have time to broil those. >> and let me pop those out and season these up. >> reporter: pop those down. >> and we'll put those on the sandwich. >> reporter: you're right, that's a healthy sandwich. >> and we have some leaf picks here in honor of the saints game here. and we'll have a tailgate party for that. and the other dish we have here, one of our standards and our favorites is the charbroiled oysters. so these are great. these are shucked lousiana
9:55 am
oysters that we put a fair amount, as you can tell, garlic butter on top. >> reporter: i think i hear my arteries clogged. >> it is just a weekly splurge. >> reporter: and i have to tell you, i did indulge in these earlier and the key is not only eating them but taking tt bread right there and soften it up. >> use the warm bread and lemon. and we call that our southern escargot. >> my pleasure. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: if you want a free brunch for two on sunday here is what you have to do. see this box of raw oysters over here. here it is. you have to guess the amount of pounds of oysters in this one box. and you need to tweet your answer to twitter at dine acadiana. how many pounds ofoysters and
9:56 am
they will contact you and you'll get a gift certificate to the big eye opener brunch on sunday. oysters every had which way and maybe a few drinks on the side too. >> that's cool. >> that is very cool. >> thank you, holly. >> and i like your necklace too. we'll be back in a moment with the answer to today's trivia question. >> and don't forget, we're getting some interesting questions for ask allison. it is our new segment where you can ask me pretty much anything and i will answer. and i have a feeling i'll have to have a thick skin for this. we'll talk about those too. check out and click on mornings for the link and ask away. important meal of the day. warm pillsbury cookies made with gooey hersheys mini-kisses.
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time for today's trivia question. to be answered. at 6'2", h


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